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FreeLight Productions Film Production is your reliable partner when it comes to document your event with moving images. We love beautiful pictures, hence we are always motivated to present your event in the most beautiful way. Addtitionally we arrange things with you with care, so we can capture all important moments for you. With flexible teams we make sure that the costs stay within your budget.

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Through our experience in the field of advertising movies (e.g. corporate videos, product videos, real estate films, sports films and animation) we have the knowledge to produce your film at the highest possible quality level and to optimize it for broadcasting it via almost every thinkable media. Hence we can of course also enhance your film with exciting animations to communicate your message easy comprehensible to the audience.

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Needless to say that we really take care to document your event as inconspicuous as possible. Therefore we consult you very detailled about the possibilities. We will be happy to advise you and submit a quotation free of cost and without any commitment.

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FreeLight Productions
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