pro aurum Goldhaus

Joseph-Wild-Str. 12 - 81829 München

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The pro aurum Goldhaus, which is also the seat of pro aurum, is located in Joseph-Wild-Strasse 12 in Munich. Our idea was to create a building in the shape of a gold bar - a sort of visible business card of the company pro aurum, so to speak. It is self-explanatory and is bestowed with a maximum of identity. The "above-ground" dimensions are precisely defined: 42 meters in length, 23 meters in width and 8 meters in height. The dimensions are derived from the volume of the amount of gold which has been mined until then.

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The large gold-colored façade slabs were made from recycled old coins and are thus another nice allusion to the main activity of the house.

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Gold stands for value, concrete and basalt for solidity and durability. In combination they are perfectly matching a unique competence center around precious metals.

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pro aurum KG
Joseph-Wild-Str. 12
81829 München

Telefon 089/ 444 584 341
Fax 089/ 444 584 349
Contact person
Anita Vuradin