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The neatly painted tower of the historical Löwenbäukeller can already be perceived from far away and it decisively shapes the appearance of Stiglmaier Platz in downtown Munich. Inside, the visitor finds what is best characterized as the typically traditional and authentic Munich public house. Its excellent Bavarian cuisine, the freshly tapped Löwenbräu beer, brewed in the world-famous brewery a stone´s throw across the street, and the cosy and welcoming Bavarian atmosphere have made the Löwenbräukeller so popular with locals and tourists alike ever since. In this place, tradition is cultivated, not marketed!

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Like in former times, the tied house is a favoured and frequently booked location for all sorts of events throughout the year. The Löwenbäukeller has become famous for being a stronghold of the Munich Carnival and for its strong beer festival including the traditional stone lifting competition in which strong men try to lift a stone weighing 508 pounds. Venue for the big events is the magnificent ballroom, one of the largest in the city, with seating accommodation for up to 2000 guests. Those who prefer a smaller setting for their event can choose from one of the smaller halls and guestrooms.

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Whether trendy rock concerts, large traditional costume fashion shows or the yearly costume balls for Fasching, this festival hall offers the perfect environment for your event. Equipped with a large stage, two kitchens, three bars and first-class event technology, all your wishes can be fulfilled in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the festival hall can easily be combined with the Gallery Hall as well as the Benno Hall and thus be extended up to a capacity of 2,300. And thanks to the neighbouring terrace, there is even the possibility of offering an additional outdoor area.

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