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Camouflaged as a keynote-speaker, Thomas Fraps uses his skills as a magician to provide a uniquely memorable experience for corporate audiences worldwide. Shortly before everybody suffers from the infamous "death by PowerPoint", the speaker's microphone sparks, the program crashes and the boring expert suddenly turns out to be a real entertainment-expert! This "trojan talk" format provides an emotional hook for audiences of all kinds of conferences, corporate-meetings or academic events. Apart from his appearances in Munich and other parts of Germany, the Fake Expert also baffled audiences in Montreal, San Diego, London, Beirut and Paris.

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Metamagicum - The Miracles of Science In this show Thomas Fraps and his colleague Pit Hartling join their magical forces to present a special reality theory of everything. They expertly phantasize their way through the worlds of science and conjuring: time-travel is possible, the paradoxes of quantum physics are solved and the philosophical questions of neuroscience vanish in a mobile brain-scanner! Metamagicum is a tantalizing mix of fact and fiction answering questions nobody ever actually asks: do elementary particles sleep? Is gravity indispensable and how relates Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity to the oldest brewery of Munich?

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Magic Monday Show - the longest running comedy-magic show in Munich! For incredible 18 years now, Thomas Fraps and his colleagues Gaston and Ben Profane host this monthly comedy-magic experience extraordinaire in the heart of Munich (Schwabing). Their original magic has won the professional trio several international awards, including a "Magic Oscar" from the Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences in Hollywood in 2006. The monthly show also features other award-winning performers and rising talents from all over Germany.

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