MEET MUNICH General Terms and Conditions for visitors of the web portal 


§ 1 Preamble

1.1 MEET MUNICH is a non-commercial initiative to encourage use of the city of Munich as an event destination.  A number of team members are currently working for a fraction of their normal hourly wages.  

We are thankful for every kind of support, whether it is as participant, firm partner, deliverer or team member.  Everyone can make a simple contribution to the success of this project by showing his enthusiasm for the project to others.  

1.2 Event Destinations GmbH runs the web portal, the Top-Level-Domain as well as a number of sub-domains on which free information is made available to the public by firms working in the Munich event-marketing branch.

This is a platform for event locations, catering firms, hotels, service providers of mobile technical equipment, furniture and other event requirements as well as decorators, artists, performers, delivery and other services of the event branch (the so called participants).

1.3 The explicit aim of all participants who introduce themselves on the pages of MEET MUNICH, is to advertise together for Munich as an event metropolis.  One can only become a participant after signing a written contract.

1.4 In addition to the MEET MUNICH Web portal, other marketing strategies are planned (Info-CD, DVD, visiting tours, road shows, group stands at trade fairs, etc.). We will be happy to send you information per post.

1.5 A compilation of websites on which the services of MEET MUNICH are listed can be found under “MM-Websites“. 

§ 2 Rights and Responsibilities of Users of MM Websites

2.1 It is not technically possible for Event Destinations GmbH to determine if an entry on the MM-Websites really comes from the person who claims to bet he registered participant. Event Destinations GmbH gives no guarantee for the real identity of a user.  Each user must verify the identity of another user himself.  

2.2 Event Destinations GmbH reserves the right to change the services offered on the website or to extend them or to restrict services unless it is not feasible for the participants.        

2.3 The following are prohibited for all users:

a) Use of scripts, software or mechanisms in connection with the use of the MM-Websites. The user can use the software made available within the framework of the MM-Website’s offered services.  

b) Blocking, overwriting, modifying, copying in as far as this is not required for the approved use of the service of MM-Websites is not forbidden. For example, copying of “Robot” or “Crawler” from search machine technologies is not needed and is therefore explicitly prohibited.  

c) Every action which has the potential of impairing the function of the infrastructure of the MM-Website, i.e. overloading, is not allowed. 

§ 3 Liability

3.1 The user recognizes that a 100% access to the MM-Website is technically not possible.  In particular, maintenance, safety or capacity problems as well as things that are beyond the control of Event Destinations GmbH (such as electrical and other disturbances, interruption of the telecommunication paths of internet, etc.) can lead to disturbances or the interruption of the services on the MM-Websites.

Temporary inaccessibility of the service because of necessary system maintenance must be accepted by all users with no restrictions.

3.2 Event Destinations GmbH accepts no liability or guarantee for the actuality, correctness or completion or quality of the participant information on this website. The participants alone are responsible for their presentations which are logged in.  Participants are responsible to clarify all questions regarding trade names, advertising slogans and copyrighted material before posting on the website. 

Participants must release Event Destinations GmbH from claims from third parties because of copyrights violations. Processes against Event Destinations GmbH based on damages caused by use of the available information and services such as the use of incorrect or incomplete information are inadmissible unless it can be proved that Event Destinations GmbH is guilty of premeditated or negligent damages.            

3.3 Event Destinations GmbH is not responsible for the content of third party websites which are connected by link or reference to MM-Websites and exclusively disclaims itself from all contents that may be punishable or liable or that do not conform to expected standards of taste.

3.4 The contents and contact information published on the MM-Websites may not be used for commercial purposes. Event Destinations GmbH is not responsible for any violations of this paragraph.

3.5 Participants and visitors of the MM-Websites release Event Destinations GmbH from all liability and responsibility for contracts which the participants make with visitors to the MM-Websites.  In so far as Event Destinations GmbH does not explicitly make any written commitments, contracts are exclusively the responsibility of the two parties involved.

§ 4 Copyrights

4.1 The content of all MM-Websites (including the user conditions) is copyrighted.

4.2 Storage and copying of the texts (completely or partially), photographs or graphics is not allowed.

This is only allowed in so far as it is necessary for normal usage or is explicitly approved in writing by Event Destinations GmbH. 

Every usage, copying, distribution and/or public use, in particular unapproved use in internet / internet offers goes beyond normal use and becomes a copyright violation.

4.3 Event Destinations GmbH is happy about links with  However we request a short email to before the link is set up.  Trademarks, product names, firm names and logos are the sole property of the owner.  

§ 5 Final regulations

5.1 In so far as parts or individual formulations of these user conditions are not, or no longer or not completely in accorded with valid laws, the remaining portions of the user conditions remain valid and untouched in their content and validity. 

5.2 The invalid rules will be replaced by the legal regulation, whose content comes closest to it.  The laws are those of the Republic of Germany.  The responsible law court is Munich. 

5.3 Event Destinations GmbH reserves the right to change or extend these general user conditions. 


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